Hi! I’m a first-year Ph.D. student at NYU Linguistics. I recently graduated with an M.A. in Linguistics from the English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU), Hyderabad.

I’m curious about all things language. I enjoy thinking about the complex ways in which we use language in real communicative contexts, and what that can tell us about how lanuage as a ‘system’ exists in the brain. Most people around the world know and use multiple languages– this makes multilingual settings a particularly exciting place to look into this. Over the last two years, I have been working on variation and accommodation in bilingual speech. More recently I’ve dabbled in the semantics of the copula/aspect system of Bangla, and vowel harmony in Khalka Mongolian. More on my research here.

I believe that open science practices are important, and that findings of linguistic research should be accessible to the communities whose language data makes up the substance of our work. This page has layman summaries of completed and ongoing projects, along with links to data and code.

Questions, thoughts, and reflections on miscellanous linguistic topics here.

These are some resources including notes, scripts, a word-finding tool to generate items for psycholinguistic experiments, and an acoustic model for Khalkha Mongolian.

Outside of linguistics, I love animals of all kinds, painting, and being outdoors. I also venture into the occasional cooking experiment and haven’t blown anything up (as of now).